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Hemet Water Damage and Fire Damage Restoration

If you had a flood or major leak, have you located the source of the water? Have you enlisted the assistance of licensed and insured professionals to ensure that the mess is completely cleaned up, and have you documented everything for your insurance company? When you are dealing with water damage, Hemet Carpet Cleaning Express is the company to call. Whether it is water damage or fire damage, Hemet experts who work with us will have the solution that you need. We are able to locate the source of the problem so that we can stop it. We are able to get the mess cleaned up completely, and if the problem is water, we know to ensure everything is completely dry before starting any necessary restoration work. Even if you think that everything has been cleaned up, it is important to enlist expert assistance to avoid health concerns and a dangerous living environment. We help both home owners and commercial property owners to salvage their property in times of devastation. If you have been the victim of a fire or flood, call us right away. The faster you call, the faster we can get into action to provide water repair in Hemet, fire damage repair or anything else. This is important to ensure that the damage doesn’t get worse. We are looking forward to your phone call and we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday. Call us! We are here for you.

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We take all of the appropriate steps to help you, starting with drying up the mess if it is water, and documenting everything that we do to make things easier with your insurance company. Some questions we are regularly asked include:

Q: What can you do that I can’t when it comes to cleaning up water in Hemet?

A: We have professional grade equipment that you won’t have in your home. In addition to heavy duty fans, we use air movers, air scrubbers and dehumidifying equipment to ensure the mess is completely cleaned up. If it is a fire, we have the appropriate suits that are needed to clean up everything safely. We have a ton of experience and know exactly what to look for.

Q: My living room caught fire. My couch was burned. Can you salvage it?

A: We very well might be able to. We are able to inspect the extent of the damage and let you know what can be saved. We can prevent erosion from occurring. Call us as soon as the damage happens.

Reach out to Hemet Carpet Cleaning Express today so that we can get you set up with an appointment for water restoration in Hemet, fire restoration or any cleaning service that you need.

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